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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-11:44pm EST

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" february is winding down and the temperatures are going up. we found plenty of folks out and about for a stroll in the nice weather on the ben franklin parkway. and on the ice today, dilworth park for the last skating day of the season and warm weather is not over we're keeping a close eye on rain in the forecast as well. let's get out to meteorologist lauren casey on the cbs3 sky deck tonight to break it down for us. lauren? >> thanks natasha, feel pretty cosy out here on the sky deck, comfortable air still in place after an extremely mild february day today. high temperatures topping in the 60's across the area on our sunday. 64 degrees high in philadelphia. just four degrees shy of our record high temperature, 64 in allentown data trenton 62.
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62 in atlantic city. temperatures still very mild at this hour, 52 in philly. we're at 48 in millville and still hanging on to 52 right now in reading. stormscan 3 showing us very quiet conditions. hardly saw a cloud in the sky today. and clear sky conditions, will take us into most of the overnight period before a cold front moves in late tonight early tomorrow morning, that will bring us a chance of a few showers, very light in intensity and we'll talk about the timing coming up. plus a wet windshield in store. keep the air mild for next several days but we do have a taste of winter that will return by week's end and i'll have the details come putting up in your full forecast in just a few. >> thank you. new tonight. police looking for the driver responsible a hit-and-run that sent a man to the hospital. it happened before 8:00 p.m. on 65th and grace avenue in southwest philly. a driver smash i do not another car and then ran away.
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the driver of the other vehicle was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. anyone with information contact philadelphia police right away. and a virginia community comes together to remember a fallen police officer killed after just one day on the job. she was responding to a domestic dispute call that left a woman dead and tonight we're learning surprisinging information about our the suspected shooter. cbs correspond brian webb explain explains. >> reporter: bag pipes candles and prayers part of a memorial for officer ashley guindon killed on her first day on patrol with the prince william county police department in virginia. >> we will continue one step at a time in honor of ashleyly. it was discredit her memory and service if we did anything other >> officer down. i don't know where the suspect is >> guindon and two other officers were responding to a
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domestic dispute saturday about 30 miles outside washington, dc. police arrested 32-year-old ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife, then opened fire on it officers. >> it was very scary. i heard the shots, four put, five shots back to back. >> reporter: yellow taped roped off the crime scene sunday. residents paid their respects at the hospital where the officers are recovering. >> over something so stupid. it's so sad. >> reporter: a six-year marine corp reserveist was sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the department's twitter page welcoming her and another officer with the words be safe. brian webb cbs3 "eyewitness news". ohio pastor is dead. police say shot to death in his office by his own brother. investigators say william schooler was murdered in the
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church office by his brother daniel. heart broken church members describe the moments before daniel schooler walked in a his brother's office and opened fire. >> after prayer, he got up, and he went back in our pastor's office and i heard two shots. i heard two shots. i got everybody out of the church. we just kept hearing shooting. in the back. >> officers believe the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute between the two brothers. now to campaign 2016 news, republican front runner donald trump is facing criticism for something he didn't say. but a new cbs news poll shows he and democrat hillary clinton are still on top in key primary states with super tuesday coming up quickly. >> republican front runner donald trump campaigned in alabama sunday afternoon earlier he appeared on cnn state of the union and refused to denounce an
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endorsement from former kkk leader david duke. >> i don't know david duke. i'm pressure i never met him >> other republican candidates slammed trump for not condemning the support >> there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke. >> we don't have anyplace for white supremeists in the united states of america. >> with more than 1500 delegates up for grabs on super tuesday the candidates are hitting key states in the south. while arkansas and tennessee, hillary clinton also attacked trump >> i said last night, america will never stop being great. our task is to make america whole >> a bail ground tracker poll says clinton is ahead of bernie sanders in georgia, virginia and tex. sanders admits he got work to do after losing south carolina
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democrat primary >> we to really badly with older african-american voters. i mean, we got >> trump is ahead in georgia and virginia. but trails cruz in texas 155 delegates are at stake there. new jersey chris christie endorsement donald trump has prompted back lash. christie shocked the political world friday endorsing trump. muggy whitman who worked on christie's plainly campaign has called it political opportunityism. donald trump is unfit to be president. he is a dishonest who place to her worst fears, the governor is mistaken if he -- i call on christie's donors and supporters to reject the governor and donald trump outright. of course, stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of 2016. we'll have the latest on air.
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also on our website beautifully plated dishes fine dining and dancing. sounds like a lovely sunday night out for anyone. but for some folks sitting do you believe for their peels in philadelphia tonight it meant so much more. greg argos shows us why it was a dinner they will likely never forget. >> reporter: it's philadelphia's most exclusive restaurant. >> amazinging five course meal. >> reporter: you can't make a reservation. only certain people are allowed to dine. >> short ribs. >> reporter: for one night, five star meal is completely free. >> we're giving 165 fellow citizens of philadelphia a sense of hope. >> reporter: this is the city's homeless pop-up restaurant and jason is the brains behind it >> a friend put it on their facebook page someone had done something similar so i put it on my facebook page and by that monday we raised under 23,000
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dollars. >> reporter: nearly 200 men and women were wineed dined and some danced in the beautiful 23 street arm ri. and the event crowd funded entirely through individual donations and those from 25 local restaurants and businesses also provided a pop-up boutique stocked full of clothing and other essentials. >> we gave away 250 back packs, $220 gift cards to cvs. 50 pairs of work boots, almost 100 pairs of pants, another hundred shirts, sweaters, t-shirts. giving back to the homeless, i thank them for coming out tonight. >> it gives us hope, builds our sense of pride, gives us a sense of integrity and a sense of dignity. >> and that dignity respect. >> thank you very much. >> jason remains in the minds and hearts of those who experience the special meal >> we sat down, felt good we had a meal together.
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it was amazinging. >> reporter: as the events wraps up. jason says there's already list being passed around by the volunteers hoping to have this event become an annual tradition. next year's location still undetermined. reporting at the 23rd street arm ri, greg argos. >> looks like it was a lovely evening. meantime thousands of you don't know athletes closeed out a three-day competition that helped to raise funds and awareness for women affected by breast cancer. unite for her held it's eighth animal pink invitational. 3500 gymists, along with the competition young women and girls are educateed by breast health and positive lifestyle choices >> every coach, we all have somebody affected. they come in here and pay tribute to those loved ones. and that's empowering >> it's expected to raise more than $400,000 this weekend and
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all money raised goes to support therapies for those prelateing breast cancer. the anthem of the cease is heading back to port early once again. plus. why you could now wind up beinging way more or way less at disney world. lauren? >> in our leap day gives us another opportunity to have another 60 degree february day. we'll talk about that plus a little rain in the forecast for monday. coming up. straight ahead in sports. play ball. phillies open the exhibition season. did they beat the university of tampa? lesley van arsdale will join us a little bit later.
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welcome back, another shortened trip for passengers on board royal caribbean's anthem
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of the seas. they're returning to new jersey because of a norovirus outbreak and a severe storm. it was ending the trip early to provide guests with a comfortable journey back home. it was damaged after rough seas. we're showing a carnival ship rescuing my grants at sea. 16 cuban my grants were picked up yesterday in the gulf of mexico. the crews is a legends. it's traveling to mexico where immigration will be waiting for those migrants. hold on to your mouse ears. starting today, wallet disney world and disney land are pricing tickets based on how busy the theme parks are. they're charges three different prices for single park ticket depending on time of year. calendar is divided into value, regular and peak periods. peak appeared are most of
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december, spring break weeks and july weekend. disney hopes this surge pricing will ultimately help spread out when people visit. . tomorrow it's a special day on the calendar. february 29th, better known as leap day, about 180,000 people were born on leap day. anitao introduces us to one of them in bucks county. >> reporter: for most, birth days happen every year, not for 84-year-old paul >> it's a little bit unusual. >> reporter: like a break of the the. paul is leap year baby born on february 29th, 1932. it's a big day for paul. who's technically turning 21. >> there's a few milestones those guys can actually celebrate. this is one. it's all in good fun.
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it's a pretty special day. >> reporter: family and friends organized a surprise party for paul in warminster. >> i'm shocked. approximately last five, ten years, we've been counting down the, his 21st birthday. when he finally legal. >> reporter: as he leaps into another year, he fondlely looks back on some of the milestones before this one >> my son is, and i were both had our eighth birth days in the same year. can you imagine that. >> reporter: year february 29th doesn't quite make it on to the calendar. >> i celebrate on the 28th and first so i probably do better. >> reporter: he says getting to celebrate this birthday is a winning moment. in warminster, anita o cbs3 "eyewitness news". lauren casey is here to tell us about winter warmup >> nice today, mid 60's, not too far away from record warm and, 60's again tomorrow, we will deal with whipping wind and
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chance of a few showers, but they're not going to ruin your day. >> just a small umbrella. >> a mini umbrella and you'll be all right. turn it over to sunshine as we head into the afternoon. yes another day of winter warm and today. days we've been at or above 60 degrees so far this winter. which includes december, january and february. now we're at 21, which is the most on record ever. dating back to the 1800s. hard to believe and we're going to tack on just one more before the month comes to an end. temperature still very mild at this hour, still running about five degrees about average high. live look at center city. nice looking scene. little bit of a breeze southwest around 12 miles per hour. we'll keep those wind speeds elevated as we head throughout the overnight. breezy at times. wind speeds around ten be 15 miles per hour. you notice that wind flow out of the south continuing to drive in that mild air.
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this mild air in place across the large portion of the country. temperature change over last 24 ours, significant, we're up over 20 degrees in allentown from this time yesterday. 14 up 14, in philadelphia, there are your mild readings right now. 40's and 50's still hanging at 52 right now in dover. as we pan out, you can see this big mild air mass in place, there's no cold air up wind that's going to be building in for tomorrow. several mild days as we head into mid week before little taste of winter is going to return but overnight tonight dropping down to 45 degrees. mostly clear, little bit breezy and tomorrow back up into the 60's. 61 degrees well above average, we should be hiing about 47. light rain in the morning, quick clearing as we head to the afternoon. we'll see a little round of showers moving through. it's not going to put a huge damper on your day. stormscan 3 showing us a bunch of nothing as was the friend trend throughout the weekend. we could have the cold front up wind seeing precipitation in advance of that frontal boundary
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that will quickly continue to race eastbound and drive through during the morning hours tomorrow and generate a few showers. rain chances, they're not dramatic. 40 percent. dry on tuesday, wet wednesday wettest day. there's we can see a lingering shower early in the morning. future weather going to show us this rain as it moves in. sprinkle to light shower activity roll through, we'll get through most of the commute before that line of sugarhouse moves on through and quickly racing out as we head to midday. sunshine taking over by the mid afternoon. pleasant monday afternoon. tuesday quiet kicking off the month of march, few high clouds me place, as we head to wednesday morning we'll start to see a much stronger system approach. few showers breaking out and we'll see rainfall could be heavy. the model still having a little bit of a problem with the timing on wednesday, stay tuned to the
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evolving forecast. for tomorrow, few light showers, clearing in the afternoon, sunshine second half, windy conditions throughout the day before the winds calm down into tuesday, 55 degrees. we're still up into the upper 50's on wednesday. with that good chance of rain and maybe even a few thunderstorms as well. colder by thursday, winter return's by week's end, 39 on friday, starting off in the 20's. going to feel sad. but we're ok. >> sad face i emoji. >> thank you, lesley got what's coming up in sports >> no happy face for the sixers, defense taking the night off. phillies opening up the exhibition season. plus can the eagles make a deal with sam bradford? have they sweetened that
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. what's happening in sports
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>> still dealing with sam bradford deal. the eagles have increased the offer. both sides have been talking the last two weeks. the birds could franchise but it would cost 20 million. last season, the bird have until march 9th to get a deal done or sam will become an unrestricted free agent. phillies playing the university of tampa. jeremy hellickson and aaron nola pitched one scoreless inc. grapefruit league starts tuesday. the sixers took on the magic in orlando. apparently they must have been stuck on space mountain. magic beat the sixers 130-116. coming up next in the sports zone be ryan howard had a few things to say this week in
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clearwater. why did the big p. we're going to talk buy it kevin connie in a few minutes >> i'm going to venture to say villanova. >> that's a good call. >> thanks lesley. when we come back how a local
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wateelcome back. volunteers were busy putting together dozens of bicycles. part of the second annual bike build. organizeders from the coalition evolved this year >> this year is different in that it's kind of helping out four other major groups in philadelphia that use cycling in their programming and we're going to build about 100 bikes for them. in honor of the pope bike that they gave on the trip in the fall professional bike mechanics were on hand to help out volunteers if they needed it. lauren is back with us with a last check on your work
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hollywood celebrated it's best and brightest at the oscars. another award show. the raz z i. 50 shades of gray cleaned up. 50 shades picked up five. including worst picture. one worst actress and actor respectfully. they're traditionally handed out the night before the oscars.
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that's something i probably wouldn't want to see >> i'm going to pass on that. >> lauren let's check the forecast >> not too bad. 61, wake up middle 40's. few light showers, then clearing in the afternoon. will be windy. tuesday, march 1st, 50's, quiet. wet day on wednesday, 57, colder by week's end but not too bad next several days. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining us. we're always on handling things over to lesley and the cbs3 sports zone. have a good night everyone. ♪ ♪
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this is the nissan sports zone on cbs3. >> wrong last baseball returns. getting the first look at a brand new fighting philly squad. march madness looming. which big five team will have the most success at the big dance? welcome to the nissan sports zone, i'm lesley van arsdale, we have phillies baseball highlights for the first time in 2016. now, this time last year, the phillies actually lost an exhibition game against the university of tampa. today they squared off again. the philly fanatic in mid season form. had the four-wheeler out. the hot dog launcher. jeremy pitched one score less. did in the give up a single hit. first inc, andrew knapp getting
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on the phillies score board with this infield single. that will score herrera. nola will follow with a scoreless inning, eight strikes and nine pitches, he could be the opening i day starter. top of third, herrera rbi single. phillies up four to nothing. herrera, the phillies within eight to three. tuesday when the phillies take on the toronto blue jace. probably the hottest interesting thing to come out of camp was ryan howard's exchange with reporters. big earned 25 million this year and six out as a veteran hold over on it team full of new faces. howard says he feels disrespected by recent criticism and talked about a variety of topics in clearwater. >> question, high guys, how are you guys doing? you miss chase? i miss jimmy all those guys.
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you know, you got to go with what's right there in front of you. last year was bad, whatever, i can go out and hit 300 against le leftys. do i believe it's fair? me, personally probably not. but i mean, it is what it is. kind of shocked, surprised. just like, like what -- what are these people talking about? you cross the bridge when you get to it. i can't sit here and say, hey guys, trade me to somebody right now. my job is to go out and play baseball. i leave here, i go to philadelphia, i'm going to go out there and give 110 percent every game. until they say we traded you to so-and-so then i'll go to whoever and play 10010 percent. last year was a tough year. i wasn't happy with the media. the way stuff was handleed. reported and all that kind of stuff. just a lot of stuff. i'm going to leave it at that. because i didn't like it.


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